Monday, May 6, 2013

My Local Foods at Walmart

I was gleeful.  My mostly quiet (except with Store Manager Steve) campaign to see Mid's Spaghetti Sauce on the shelves at my local Walmart met with success.

Mid's has been my sauce all my life.  It's a product made in Navarre, Ohio, just up US Route 62 an hour and a half north of Newark.  No other sauce compares, in my book.

More than a year ago, I wrote a blog on here and on that tweeked Manager Steve for taking Mid's away.  My pitch:  It's a local product--good for the environment and good for the economy--that will increase sales for Walmart.

Steve knows that every time I saw him, I lobbied him to bring it back.  He promised he would do it.  He raised my hopes a few weeks ago when I ran into him.  He did what he said.

One problem though.

I bought the last meat sauce.  Time to refill the shelves, Steve.

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