Friday, May 10, 2013

Let's Do More EcoMOMic Development

EcoMOMic development needs to become a bigger part of economic development in Ohio.   Recall, I labeled EcoMOMic development the process whereby moms (and Dads) let their out-migrated offspring know about available jobs closer to home.

Though many are starting to increase talk about a new brain drain prevention strategy in Ohio, including Gordon Gee at a recent, publicized event, there's few out there talking about reaching out to the homesick Ohioan.  It merits more attention.

This doesn't have to be tied to some sort of big, new government expenditure. 

The ecoMOMic development approach can be aided, for example, by reaching out to the alumni of Ohio's public universities with a message of return and a simplified path for returning.  The State of Ohio already paid for that alumni list once and the already-existing website can fulfill the path part with ease.  Thus, it shouldn't be a big, new expense to build it and market it.

Frankly, we need to focus more efforts on those people who, in their minds, never left. I'm not alone in that thinking, as gave guest blogger status to that very concept in January.

Richie Piiparinen said, "So, to all Rust Belt cities—this is where your attention must be turned: not on the ones who are leaving for good reason, but on those returning who have not left for good. They have brought the path of their self-discovery back to your doorstep. Don’t close the door by screaming at the backs of others."

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