Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stuck Behind the Driverless Car?

Could Ohio be getting behind on the driverless car?

A headline out of the University of Michigan (gasp!) could be a wake up call:  "Michigan Could Lead in Autonomous Vehicles."

At best, Michigan is trying to psych out the competition.  Ohio State is doing research too after all.

However, the article goes further than just playing boastful mind games.  There's substance.  The news piece says, "Michigan is one of several states considering legislation to license automated vehicles on public roads--a step considered important for advancing research."  The Governor of Michigan is telling industry to expect it to pass soon.

Ohio has a story to tell with a strong auto industry; strong crossover into aerospace-like capabilities; strong industry and university research; and a legacy in inertial guidance systems, radar, and sensors.

I'm not sure we're telling our story, though.  We should fix that.  Otherwise, we could get stuck behind the driverless car.

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