Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Engineers in the Suburbs? You Bet!

There's a conventional wisdom that you have to be in the core and inner ring suburbs of a major city to find engineering talent.  It's not true though.

Ohio State's College of Engineering is the best example that disproves that theory.  Licking County is part of putting that conventional wisdom on its ear.

The overall pipeline for engineering talent in Central Ohio is strong.  This year, Ohio State will graduate 1,200 engineers and is enrolling 1,800 for next year. 

I found out last week that OSU can help companies target students who live in certain-sized communities in their active database of students seeking employment and internships.  Said another way, they can find people who come from rural and suburban areas in order to target them for employment in those same areas.

A quick glance found 1,552 students from Licking County and counties east in Ohio.  That's a significant number indeed.

In fact, there were 107 students from Licking County who are seeking internship opportunities in engineering. 

So, can you find engineers in the suburbs?  You bet!

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