Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ten Years of TriPlatts: Off to School

My triplet children, aka the TriPlatts, celebrate their birthdays on March 13. I'm taking a "family" departure in the editorial realm the next few days. Thus, I'm taking ten days plus the last one, that March 13, to reflect on ten years with John, Brynley, and Brooks. I'm doing it to document those first ten years worth of memories, but I hope to share some entertaining thoughts along the way.

The first day of school.
Off to school they go.

To Congregate or Separate: Whatever you decide, the school may think differently. I thought keeping them in the same classroom was best, but we only saw that happen one time in the first five years of school. Though I think it's best to keep them in the same classroom when they are in the early grades, I've now been convinced (that wasn't easy, ask the Principal) that separate classrooms work better as they grow older.
Preschool graduates.

Getting On Lists: "We'll call you when there is an opening." That phrase doesn't ring well when a triplet parent hears it. "Call me when you have three!" I replied when I heard that.

But places will work with you. The preschool got an opening and opted to expand the class by two to accept the triplets. It was a vocational school preschool and it sure looked good on the students' resumes to say they preschooled triplets. The business side of having triplets can be a win-win, even for "full" programs out there.

One season, I was related to the whole outfield.
Competitive Sports:  Premature babies mean smaller kids with slower muscle development.  Most sports programs don't know what to do with a less mature child so competitive sports takes some low parental expectations.  They will catch up in time, but don't expect to have the fastest kid on the team for a few years. 

It's interesting to think of being related to the entire tee ball team's outfield, though.  And when they can all play the same sport at the same time, the logistics are easier too.

Tomorrow:  Happy Birthdays!

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