Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bringing Home The Home Bacon

I've written before.  It's not parochial to seek out and buy food products made closer to your home.  Though it may be eco-friendly to do so, there's many more reasons to do it than environmental ones.  It supports the local economy.  It can tend to keep food prices down too as the local brand is selling better.

I buy Mid's spaghetti sauce (Navarre) and Nickles bread (from Navarre too).  I'll seek out Kroger milk (Newark) and favor local fruits, cheeses, and deli meats.

Bacon has more than one choice.

Though I grew up near the Sugardale meats plant and seek out Sugardale bacon on my weekly grocery buy, Oscar Meyer bacon comes from the Kraft plant in Coshocton, Ohio just 40 miles away too.

Thus, bringing home the bacon is a hometown thing to do either way you cut it, Sugardale or Oscar Mayer.

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