Thursday, February 14, 2013

Blogging From 34,000 Feet About Manufacturing

I like the technology. I'm posting this from 34,001 feet above sea level and over Kalamazoo, MI. Yes, I think that is cool technology that allows me to post to the Internet while I'm flying and also the technology that allows me to know my elevation and location while I'm flying.

I like the manufacturing and innovation. Boeing built the plane I'm on and, as I recall, is behind Gogo, the in-flight wifi service I'm using.

I like the purpose. I'm traveling in support of Boeing and our other manufacturers at the Aerospace Center in Licking County.

I like what I just read too about U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown's concept of National Manufacturing Innovation Centers. The ABJ article had the story.

I predict there is a self-sustaining model for such efforts. Sure, government needs to be the spark and the organizer but the return on investment should self-fund these over time.

Ohio's Senior Senator is keeping the manufacturing issue alive and on the table with policy makers. Keep the discussion going, Senator.

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