Monday, January 21, 2013

Focus on Returners, Not Departers

Joel Kotkin's turned the blog over to an Ohioan last week and got a taste of and a message not unlike the one put forth here at

Richey Piiparinen's piece titled "Rust Belt Cities: Invest in Odysseus, Not Barney Fife" was a must read piece for economic development folks pondering spending their time on ways to stop the out flow of Ohioans vs. attracting talent to come back.

His core message was right on.  Focus on the people who, in their minds, never left.

His wrap-up says it all and is a reason to read the whole thing:
"So, to all Rust Belt cities—this is where your attention must be turned: not on the ones who are leaving for good reason, but on those returning who have not left for good. They have brought the path of their self-discovery back to your doorstep.  Don’t close the door by screaming at the backs of others."

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