Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Upbeat Economists' Forecast on Industrial Production

The title doesn't catch ya, but the content, hopefully, will.

I captured this slide yesterday from a Vistage Webinar with the ITR Economics twins Alan Beaulieu and Brian Beaulieu It maps industrial production with a look at the twelve-month leading averages.

The U.S. fares well. 

It was part of the reason the Beaulieu brothers forecast 2013 to be a good year and reversed their October 2011 prediction of a mid-year recession.

That's upbeat!

It shows that there are some signs of growth in Europe, which is good for U.S. exports.  It shows that Australia, Brazil, and India, thought to be among U.S. strong competitors for industrial production, are not as strong as recent years would predict.

That's noteworthy too.

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