Thursday, December 20, 2012

Betting on Manufacturing

Someone made a good point to me the other day.

A great deal has been invested in the past decade or so preparing our national and state economies to adapt to a time when manufacturing was in decline. 

Colleges and training providers changed curriculum and got state and federal grants on the premise they were preparing for a service economy.

Ohio government has spent hundreds of millions on the premise that we had to adapt to a new economy.

Now, manufacturing is coming back thanks to improved demographics and a more competitive, U.S. position in the global market.

Licking County continued to bet on manufacturing throughout the downturn, and still does.  If we were, collectively, investment bankers, we would be rewarded, handsomely, for our smart investment decisions.

However, instead, now we watch those same places now going after money for retooling back to handle manufacturing needs that are going unanswered.

Seems a bit unfair.  And not very business-like.

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