Monday, November 26, 2012

Kotkin: Honest Abe in 2016!

Joel Kotkin combined thoughts of Abe Lincoln, on many minds because of the movie that's out, with more thoughts on the outcome of the recent Presidential election.

His Off The Rails piece, as pretty much all his pieces, is a must-read. 

Republicans' best chance for appealing to a broader base in 2016 is in following the lead from its first candidate:  Abe Lincoln.

Kotkin understands that demographics drive the train.  A pragmatic, growth agenda can have appeal.

"By admitting that government is sometimes a necessary partner in nurturing and sometimes financing infrastructure critical for economic expansion, Republicans can offer their own vision of what growth-inducing services such as new roads—as opposed to the increased regulation and transfer payments and pension bloat peddled by Democrats—government can and should provide."

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