Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Advocating For Kotkin's Advice to Investment Community

Here's hoping the investment community is reading.

Joel Kotkin's latest piece at Forbes had this tidbit of advice to Wall Street:  

"Sometimes it might make more sense. . .to look at opportunities closer to home, where constitutional protections, a large domestic market and a diversified economy may provide better long-run prospects."

As is his custom, Kotkin threw facts at Goldman Sachs and those who tend to look to the countries du jour rather than the United States for new investment territory.

China was so popular, but greater knowledge of their demographic decline and a slowed economy has already seen China drop from favor.

Africa was gaining steam.  So was Brazil.  Not any more.

Now, Mexico is back, but the workforce capacity there is already hitting the ceiling.

He's right. A closer to home strategy makes sense.  Are they reading?

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