Thursday, September 13, 2012

Reflecting on My 2,000th Tweet

Yesterday saw the milestone of my 2,000th tweet.  Going back to my first tweet in 2009, that's not really very many.  Or so I say.

Some say tweeting is a waste of time.  I tell people that sending a tweet is like sending an e-mail.  When I do the math, I've sent 30,000+/- e-mails during the same time of sending 2,000 tweets. 

Some say they don't see the value of knowing what someone ate for breakfast.  I agree with that, but my light hearted 2,000th tweet about my Segway trip has more to it than meets the eye. 

Does a typical Port Authority CEO get to glide on a Segway every day?  What, then, does that say that distinquishes me from the stereotypical Port Authority CEO?  Isn't there value in standing out among the hordes?

Get the point?

I can justify Twitter's time value.

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