Sunday, September 9, 2012

Life in a Swing State: Decided By The Nuns?

Much attention has gone to the fact that three Catholic nuns, in full habits, we're spotted at a Romney-Ryan Rally recently. USA Today ran a story Saturday taking on the issue.

The Catholic vote in Ohio could be the swing vote in the swing state. Rick Santorum nearly won Ohio's Republican Primary on that vote, particularly in suburban areas.

The visual of a nun deciding the election? Stranger things have happened.

This is one in a series on Life In A Swing State aimed at pushing Ohio's Swing State status in the state's favor just a little bit.

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  1. We read the same article. Politicians don't miss anything. Both parties were using nuns to influence voters.

    Unfortunately, my biological sister, Sister Marie Yvonne, O.P. (your first cousin once-removed) has passed so I can't call her and discuss the latest societal messes. I am fairly certain though how she would have voted.