Saturday, July 7, 2012

An Institution Lost: Riley's Bakery

I heard the other day that Riley's Bakery on West Church Street in Newark, Ohio was closed for good.

I had to drop by to get proof and, sure enough, it is.  It's truly an institution lost.  The bakery was 88 years in business, according to a summary, and led by its current owner since 1996.

Just two years ago, I wrote about the importance of places like Riley's to the local charm of a person's hometown. The loss is not just for the Hudnall family as much as it is for generations in Newark.

My kids and I had a routine of stopping in for donuts before school every once in a while or on a Saturday morning. 

Neither they nor I will ever forgot the aroma nor the taste, even if we never smell the bakery or taste anything like its donuts again.

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