Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Issue Update: Signs for Route 161

I'm updating past issues on occasion over the next few days.

Today, it's new signs for the highway currently known as 161/37/16/36/250/22.  I've written on this topic many times as the link to the search shows.  The issue is:  Why not change all these numbers for one highway from Columbus to the Ohio River to just one number?

Turns out I haven't written about the topic, though, since January 2011. 

That doesn't mean I've given up.  To the contrary, I've continued to bring it up to ODOT officials when given the audience.  The stock answer is that a to-the-book adoption of the new, single number could cost $1 million to implement.

Of course, that answer is a deflection.  Any advancement toward adopting single number signage starts with adopting the single number.  That step has not, yet, been taken either.

I'll keep asking.

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