Friday, June 29, 2012

Issue Update: Rail Industry Importance

I'm updating past issues on occasion over the next few days.

I frequently write about the rail industry and its economic importance.  That issue has not changed.

Our population is expected to grow in the next 40 years at a pace on track with the past 40. However, our highway lane capacity is not growing at the same pace.  Manufacturing, which needs transportation capabilities to thrive, is resurging and reshoring in the U.S.

However, Congress has been unable to pass a highway bill for years now.  It seems Democrats' urban focus favors building no new highways.  Marry that with Republicans' reluctance to add to the tax burden, any tax burden. 

That's why we are were we are today--gridlock in the political sense today leading to gridlock in the transportation sense in the future.

The failure to even consider, much less find, a way to properly fund and undertake adequate highway construction and reconstruction into the future tends to inflate the importance of rail.

Simply do the math.

Ohio's rail industry is robust and a key part of our state's manufacturing industry infrastructure.

Any company looking at a 15+ year investment in a manufacturing plant should be thinking rail-served sites as the way to go.

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