Monday, June 25, 2012

Is He Reading?

Joel Kotkin and his writings and research have inspired my columns quite a bit.  Today, a piece got published in the Daily Beast that shows he's now reading my stuff.  I'm flattered.

The first one's a guess.  I read his premise statement: "'Rust Belt' no longer seems like a pejorative, as the northern industrial states now boast the lowest unemployment rate of any region—well below those in once-booming states including California, Nevada, Florida, and South Carolina."

I've written about the Rust Belt term being a pejorative often lately.  Doesn't seem coincidence alone.

The second one isn't a guess.  I'm quoted in the piece as an "industrial development official" in Newark, Ohio with a Republican bias in the piece that looks at how Obama re-election changes are aided by the recovering Midwest.

Except for a recent parks district levy advocacy, I haven't worked a political campaign in almost twenty years.  But development is reason enough to get quoted in a political piece about Ohio and the Midwest.

Keep reading, professor Kotkin.  And writing!

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