Saturday, June 16, 2012

Another Unique Licking County Lesson: Cranberry Bog

That's a floating island in the middle of Buckeye Lake in Licking County. There is nothing like it anywhere in the World.

It's actually a cranberry bog formed out of sphagnum moss. It first rose out of what was called the "Big Swamp" in 1830 when the Licking Summit Reservoir was created to feed water to the new Ohio-Erie Canal.

It was once 50 acres, but time has seen it dwindle--pieces literally float off--to 9 acres today.

A new approach to volunteer, community-led efforts has made the bog open to the public on more occasions than the past. Stepping on the ground was like stepping on a giant sponge. I was grateful to get to see it for the first time today along with three of my kids.

It was a history lesson and a nature lesson about my kids' hometown. Great stuff.

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