Monday, April 9, 2012

Industry and STEM Stepping Up

Licking County is a national example of a place where industry has stepped up to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) skills to parents and kids.  Using The Works, our local science museum, as the platform, Boeing, Goodrich, Bayer MaterialScience, PCA, Bionetics, Rolls Royce, and countless others have joined forces to show off how they use STEM skills every day in the workplace as a shining example to parents and kids of the value of these skills.

Licking County is not alone.

At the recent Ohio Aerospace Jobs Summit, I made particular note of GE Aviation's David Joyce and his remarks regarding STEM.  GE Aviation in Evendale, Ohio near Cincinnati has a $11 Billion economic impact on Ohio with 9,000 Ohio employees plus 6,000 Ohioans employed among direct suppliers.  The Evendale plant is Ohio's largest exporter.  Big place.  Big impact.

They take the time to work on STEM too though.  Joyce's workforce message included an appeal, of sorts, to his aerospace colleagues in the room at the Summit.  He referenced "STEM Mentors" and how the industry should "use our people to help kids in the communities" be given STEM career paths. 

By "our people," he meant their employees and their suppliers' employees as well as retirees.

Right on.

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