Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Get to Know Railroads

"You should really get to know railroads," said Don Schjeldahl, former Austin Consulting Group site selection guru at a first quarter IEDC conference panel on transportation.  He added, "Rail is here to stay."

This statement in and of itself is no earth shattering news.  The rail industry has been touting a rail renaissance in the last few years and the over capacity nature of our highway network bodes well for the future of this truck competitor.

Our Port Authority is a rail believer, having invested millions of dollars in land banking and adding infrastructure to rail-served industrial sites.

What is earth shattering is that it came from a site selector. 

We know our railroad lines and know our rail providers serving Licking County.  A few more site selectors touting the value of rail to manufacturing clients is what we really need.

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