Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Agurban Earns Author Honorary Buckeye Status

If Jack Schultz keeps writing about Ohio manufacturing's future in such a bright way, we're going to have to make him an honorary Buckeye or something.  The fellow Midwestener and author of Boomtown USA is well-versed on a number of suburban and exurban topics. 

I consider Jack a rural America development guru.  So, when he writes about topics that, ulimately, show the Midwest, generally, and Ohio, specifically, in a good light, it's as if it came from on high.

His piece yesterday was the first part of a series on the shale gas "game changer" and only serves to add to his guru status.

He, rightly, focuses right on the link between the shale gas boom and the potential this means for manufacturers, both those that sell to the industry as well as those that buy energy.  All manufacturers, after all, buy energy.

His key point:  "Today, the USA is the world’s largest producer of natural gas and could become the world’s leading oil producer (utilizing the same technology) as early as 2017."  This could be the game changer for manufacturing.

The Agurban is a must-read every week.  The shale gas series is, and will be, a must-read within the must-read.

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