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Ohio Traditions: Script Ohio

It's Spring Break so I'm digging into the archives for postings this week. was a social media concept for a website started back in 1995.  My website connected Ohioans all over the World with their fellow Ohioians still living in Ohio and elsewhere.  The site got national recognition in 1998 when featured by the Toledo Blade in a feature article and not one, but two editorials. This is an online revival of the Ohio Traditions columns that I wrote on the site 14 and 15 years ago.

Ohio Traditions: Script Ohio
by RickOHIO

November 1997 [UPDATE: SEPTEMBER 1999]

Script Ohio is among the most inspirational acts an Ohioan can witness. Buckeye football fans get chills when the Ohio State Marching Band starts to play Le Regiment and the "incomparable Script Ohio" begins to take form on the field.

Few other schools and, thus, their states, can brag of such a grand tradition as that which Ohio State and the state of Ohio enjoy.

The first Script Ohio was in 1936. My grandfather and great uncle were among the first members of that band formation and tell me that they never expected it would become so well-liked.

During the anniversary for the script in 1996, my grandfather had the distinct honor of joining with his fellow bandsmen from that 1936 TDBTL crew in dotting the "i" of the script. It's a tradition within a tradition for a band member.

One doesn't need to participate on the field, though, to enjoy the event. Listen to the music start. Clap in unison with the Buckeye faithful as the "Block O" forms and then the signature begins. See the drum major lead the sousaphone player to the dot. The final product is a thing of beauty. Even more inspiring is the quad of scripts that forms on Alumni Band day each year. All this is bound to pump up the Ohio Stadium crowd every time.

This Ohio Tradition stands out for sure.

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