Saturday, March 10, 2012

Contrarian Viewpoint: Joshua Green Didn't Get The Memo

Saturday is contrarian day.  Occasionally, I'll give the other point of view a link. Today's such an example.

In a column at Bloomberg Business Week's website that features a photo from Canton, Ohio, Joshua Green takes on both political parties, attacks the new-found political re-focus on manufacturing, labels the rebirth of manufacturing a myth, and invokes the "Rust Belt" term all in one piece.

Guess what I think about his column?

All I'll say is that I enjoyed reading the online comments more than his column.  Paul Todd was his first commenter and wrote, "The article is rubbish, and the author has no business writing on this topic if he is so ill-informed as to describe the value of manufacturing revival as myth and fantasy."

Right on, Mr. Todd.  Right on.

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