Saturday, February 11, 2012

What to Call Steubenville

One story by the Boston Globe pinned three labels on Steubenville in advance of Governor Kasich's remarks. The speech gave a few more.

Poster Child for American Manufacturing. This was in the first paragraph of the Globe piece. The ups and downs are what this is meant to invoke.

The Beating Heart of Ohio's Shale Play. The Marcellus and Utica shale plays converge here. Ok.

A Once-Proud Steel Production Center. I know Steubenville is still proud, steel or not.

The Burb of the Burgh. Progress Alliance gave Steubenville this moniker over a dozen years ago. However, Governor Kasich's references to his Pittsburgh roots and Steubenville's proximity helped recapitalize it.

A School Ratings Success Story. The fact a downtown school with more than the average share of disadvantaged youth can lead the pack in school ratings is a success story worthy of spotlight.

Overall, Steubenville gets an ego boost from its day in the spotlight. Call it what you want.

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