Thursday, February 2, 2012

Trend: Manufacturers Finding Logistical Equilibrium in Central Ohio

Freshly back from the International Economic Development Council Leadership Summit, I have some slides to share.

Today's slide is this one from Curtis Spencer of IMS Worldwide as part of a panel on changing logistics.  Great stuff.

His presentation was focused on the already-happening changes in international logistics and the even-before-its-opened changes to logistics in the U.S. brought on by the revamped Panama Canal.

Shippers are the key beneficiaries of these changes.  And the shippers originating and terminating where they are positioned to negotiate with ports of entry on both coasts and with multiple rail options are the ones that are best-positioned to see benefits.

His "Equilibrium Line" is the place of greatest positioning for logistical advantages.

It goes right through Ohio, passing between Columbus and Pittsburgh and, seemingly, right through Licking County.

That's a trend worth watching indeed.

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