Friday, January 27, 2012

Younz Heard About the State of the State?

Steubenville will be hosting Ohio Governor John Kasich's State of the State address on February 7.

It really is extraordinary to see a Governor move his annual big deal event to any part of the state other than the state capital.  Having worked and lived in Steubenville for over five years, I can imagine the excitement of such an event.   I say, "Good move."

A thought struck me though.

This could be the first State of the State address in Ohio where the Governor says "younz" as part of his formal remarks.  It could also be the first State of the State address where if the Governor did say "younz" that he would also be understood by the audience.

Here's a little bit more background:

Governor Kasich is from McKees Rocks, PA, just off the Ohio River north of Pittsburgh.  Though he, seemingly, suppresses it from 30+ years living in Ohio, younz is still part of his native language.

Steubenville is the "Burb of the Burgh" in Ohio.  In other words, they're pretty close.  Steubenville people talk like Pittsburghers.

Oh yeah.  Younz is Pittsburghese for you'all.

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