Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Apps, Again!

A close second in App of the month is LogMeIn.  LogMeIn was free to PCs but had a hefty charge on iPads and so I was reluctant to try it out.  The new price of $0 enticed me to try it.

The LogMeIn app helped me fulfill a second mental image.

In 2011, the Port Authority installed four lobby message centers as a way to better communicate with our customers. They are internet-ready televisions connected to our wifi network.  We also bought Segways to, among other things, more easily get around our campus to keep things up and running.

The mental image, now reality, is of one of our staff on a Segway while logging in to the lobby message center for an update.  This image contrasts with an image in my mind from 2002 when, to update the onsite marquee, one of my staff was standing in the bed of a pick up truck changing out the plastic letters on one of those message boards.

I guess that's the difference ten years makes.

With the LogMeIn app, we can do that from an iPad instead of a PC. You can carry an iPad on a Segway. It's a bit hard to do the same with a PC.

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