Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ohio Want a Cracker?

It's widely known that a large corporation is looking for the site for a ethane "cracker" in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, or Ohio.  It could be a $2+ billion investment and be a raw material source for a number of spin off industries too.

A "cracker" is a facility that "cracks" the wet gas extracted from shale gas formations like Marcellas and Utica shale.  The cracking process yields ethylene and other chemical products from the wet gas.  The chemical industry and the polymer industry are the consumers of a cracker's products.

Because of the volume of material processed and other reasons, this cracker would be thought to most likely locate along a navigable river.  Thus, the Ohio River is the likely site locations irregardless of the state in question.

The proximity to where the wet gas comes from also makes the Ohio River Valley a prime location for a cracker.

Whereever it goes, the prize is years' worths of construction industry jobs and permanent, highly-skilled jobs too.  Did I mention its a $2 billion, yes b, investment?

So, does Ohio want a cracker?  It sure does!

See this piece out of West Virginia.  They want a cracker too.

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