Friday, November 11, 2011

The Next Big Hill to Climb

I belong to a CEO group called Vistage that brings in top-notch national speakers for personal development.

One particularly memorable speaker a couple of years ago talked about “the next hill to climb” as a metaphor for how to stay motivated on an organization’s tasks. At the time I first heard the speaker, the Port Authority was about to wrap up the largest project in our history—the Made in Licking County Bridge.

I asked myself. What’s our next hill to climb?

The answer came shortly thereafter with the decision to move on the Horton Building, supplanting the bridge as the biggest capital project in our history. Now that’s done (but for a few tidbits and a couple more tenants).

So, one might ask, what is our next big hill to climb?

Our next big hill to climb is less tangible than a new bridge or a new building, but it’s no less important. I’ve put it to our staff that our total focus on a happy customer is our next big hill to climb.

That translates to seeking increasing satisfaction of our customers’ personnel coupled with growth and stability for our customers’ organizations. We recognize that our ability to grow this place is much-dependent on our current customers’ success.

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