Sunday, November 6, 2011

Another Gorge-ous Weekend

It's the weekend.  I'm back at the Blackhand Gorge again.  My youngest daughter went with me this time.

More amazing finds.  This time we walked the western-most leg of the Marie Hickey trail on the north side of the Gorge.

There's a couple oil rigs.  Guess it shows the mineral rights are already accounted for on ODNR land here.

The GPS showed what was up ahead.

We saw the "new" railroad trestle put in to lift the old line out of the floodway of the Dillon flood control area.  It looks like the B&O line (now actually a CSX-owned line leased to the Ohio Central Railroad) follows the old interurban railway line west of the trestle.  Made me wonder.  Does CSX own the interurban line land east of the trestle too?  Could it be CSX that owns the old interurban tunnel?

We heard railroad whistles, but waited and never saw a train.  It's possible we were hearing the more-used line 3-4 miles away, the Panhandle Rail Line.

We also saw across the Licking River and could hear bicyclists and walkers enjoy amazing Ohio weather for a November.

We saw two waterfalls, or at least places that water-flow permitting, would have waterfalls.  There's what looks like a cave entrance under this one.   I've seen the waterfall at the other end of this little stream too.  How many places in Ohio can boast waterfalls on an easy hike like this?

Best of all.  No trespassing accusations.  No overzealous park rangers nor confusing private property issues to wrestle with here.

This trail was on a nature preserve area acquired by ODNR in the 1970's and when one walks the Marie Hickey trail one is not off-trail.   Go enjoy!

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