Friday, October 14, 2011

Some of My Favorite Personal Phrases

Some of my personal favorite phrases:

Landlord is two, four-letter words.  I use this phrase often to explain what our Port Authority does in a nutshell but give an understanding why we aren't always universally loved.  We own a property leased to multiple companies with multiple personnel.  It's been a great success for us, our customers, and their customers.  But sometimes you have to be a bad guy too.  It goes with the territory.

All I can take credit for is the weather.  This is my attempt at injecting humor and humility.  I'm not delusional so don't take the phrase literally.  I use this when there's good weather at an event and when I want to make sure other people are getting their deserved share of credit, not me.  This was the case this past Saturday with great weather and a great event organized by a great team of people.

Make it a project. I've used that phrase for years to get someone going on taking an idea to implementation.  This is a daily thing here with projects having time frames from one day to three years.

With credit comes blame.  I use this one a lot too.  Think about it.  No one ever gets 100% agreement on a course of action.  So, when someone likes something and gives credit for it to someone they are as much affixing blame for the people who don't like it.  It's also a statement about accountability.  Some people try to take credit for something when people like it and try to, in nearly the same breath, affix blame when people don't.  The message is that accountablity is an 100% thing, undividable.

Just a few.  Got any of your own to share?

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