Sunday, October 2, 2011

On Re-Apportioning Apportionment Board

This isn't a partisan political statement. It's a pragmatic one. I believe the best government for Ohioans is when pragmatism prevails and pragmatic leadership gains the upper hand.

Two meetings of Ohio's Apportionment Board were held this past week.  The number of people who expect another meeting of such a body in Ohio is dwindling.  It's days may be numbered for sure.

I'm writing this before the Statehouse Press Corps gets ahold of this one.  I'll be surprised if the re-apportioning apportionment actions of this past week stay off their radar screen.  Editorial boards are already seizing the moment too.

The process is not making anyone look good. 

The solution was proposed a while ago from then-Speaker, now-Secretary of State Jon Husted.  Husted's proposal to do away with the partisan way that seats in the General Assembly and Congressional Districts in Ohio are apportioned and re-districted looks like it makes a lot of sense.  He's shown his even handedness by bringing it back up again.

Godspeed Jon Husted.

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