Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Northern Lights in Ohio

A photo submitted to NBC4 by a Newark, Ohio resident.
I don't keep a "bucket list" really but, if I did, seeing the Northern Lights some day would be on that list.

I missed them two nights in a row even though they were in my backyard.  Multiple photographs are cropping up of the Northern Lights in Newark, Ohio.

I tweeted with the hope that someone might find a modern way to alert people when they are visible again.  We'll see.

I also sent my staff scanning through the recordings of our security cameras hoping the familiar colorful glow might show up on the hundreds of images.  That would make a great website and Facebook page share for the Port Authority I thought.  We struck out though.  Looks like the parking lot lights tended to cancel them out or something.

Here's hoping they make an appearance again soon.

In the meantime, I found a website that forecasts the "Auroral activity."  See even though they failed to forecast the lights' visibility over the Midwest this week.

I also found that the NOAA provides a map showing possible activity.

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