Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blackhand Gorge, Again

Under escort of a duly-authorized person, I was back to Blackhand Gorge again.  This fact-finding trek produced a waterfall scene to go with a tunnel, towpath, canal lock, and Blackhand Rock view.

I sure do hope guided tours are made possible soon.

Here's sharing a few more photos from that Friday, October 28, 2011 trek.

It's 70 feet down to the Licking River.

Descending Council Rock.

Outside the Interurban Tunnel.  Who owns this tunnel today?  It's excluded from the subdivision plat and used to have a public roadway on it.  So who owns it now?  That's a little unclear by the tax maps.

You'll note the date for the rock carved with the "WPA" is 10-28-1936. That places the marker date for this apparent Works Progress Administration project at 75 years ago on the date of the trek. Neat.

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