Wednesday, June 15, 2011

iPad Advice

I always come away with multiple take aways from a Vistage meeting.  The one from yesterday was about the iPad.

Wess first got a hint that something was up when his credit card company called to ask about some extraordinary credit card purchases, including some iTunes purchases.

Next, he looked at his account and saw a series.  99 cents one day.  $4.99 the next.  Then, a whopping $99 purchase.  The total hit $800 before Wess figured out what was happening.

The culprit?

His seven-year-old son, yep 7, was making "in app purchases" with an app that sells virtual stars used to buy virtual animals to populate a virtual zoo using real money.  Fun game.  Not so fun result.

The good news is Wess convinced Apple to refund the purchases (this time) and the rest of us learned a good lesson--turn off those in-app purchases.

It's not so easy to turn those off.  The best advice I found to do it was at

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