Monday, May 16, 2011

Suburban Angst Building in Ohio?

Tom Suddes writes a must-read column that runs pretty much every Sunday in The Columbus Dispatch and often in the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Yesterday's column about redistribution of taxes collected in the suburbs could add some strength to an already-building suburban angst. 

I think Tom, once again, has his finger on the pulse of a bubbling issue.  Policy makers ought not dismiss his insights so easily.

It's true what he says.  Collectively, the suburbs are where Ohio's income taxes are collected in greatest numbers.  Suburbs are also where the vast majority of Ohio's business growth is occurring too.

Yet, policies continue to focus on just the opposite.

Too often, over the years, state-funded programs for "regions" in Ohio turn out to really just be big city programs imposed on a wider geographic area in name only.   It's just one more example where the concentration of power in Ohio rests in the big cities while the growth and development of the state occurs in the suburbs.

How long can this unfair and unwise mismatch continue?  How long will the suburbs let the angst build?

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