Friday, May 6, 2011

Funny #BinLadensLastWords Tweets

I had to share these. This has absolutely nothing to do with the already wide range of things my blog is to write about, but I had to share these nonetheless.

These are the funniest tweets from yesterday's Twitter search for the hash tag keyword: #binladenlastwords.

@conn1231 May 3, 5:03pm via web RT @2Pallas And I would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids! #binladenslastwords?

@AndrOOBenson May 3, 3:36pm via Twitter for iPhone #binladenslastwords 'it wasn't me, it was my wife, here she is.'

@PerrinMaurice May 3, 3:08pm via Mobile Web #BinLadensLastWords I'LL PAY YALL *REACHES FOR WALLET*

@just_joshin_ya May 3, 2:57pm via web "And I was just saying it's been forever since we've had any visitors. Who is it?" #binladenslastwords

@just_joshin_ya May 3, 2:47pm via web "What do you mean there are dark blue beach-ball-balancing marine life outside?" #binladenslastwords

@MikeKaman May 3, 2:44pm via web RT @just_joshin_ya: "No it's cool guys. I ordered a pizza. Answer the door." #binladenslastwords

@just_joshin_ya May 3, 2:44pm via web "I love watching Die Hard in surround sound. Wait. When did we get surround sound?" #binladenslastwords

@KidCasualDTK May 3, 1:11pm via Twitter for BlackBerry® #BinLadensLastWords - luke I am your fatherr

@tohu777 May 2, 9:38pm via web #binladenslastwords "Who's banging that door? I'll bet it's those damned Jehovah's Witnesses, again!"

@dallas_ May 2 "I thought Steve Jobs said the iPhone wasn't tracking my location?!?!?!?!" #Binladenslastwords

@dallas_ May 2 "Damn you Facebook Places!!!" #BinLadenslastwords

If you laughed a little, that's all I intended.

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