Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eating Sushi: A Novice's Perspective

I'm a non-expert on sushi, but I eat it so I, therefore, can write about it. 

I had some this last Lenton Friday. 

I'll often grab some at Kroger nearby my office and make a lighter lunch out of it.  California Roll is about as far as I like to go. 

I'm sure some people who now consider me more than the novice I disclosed in the column title will stop reading by now.

If you are still reading, here's my advice based on advice I've gotten and my personal taste:

The best advice I got, and I can't credit where I read this, was to dabble some wasabi onto a piece.  Then, dip the piece into some soy sauce, but be careful just to dab a little bit.

Every few pieces, cleanse the pallet with a bit of some pickled ginger and go again.

The advice, as I recall, was that this way preserved the array of flavors best of all with no one dominating.

I'll go for that.  Enjoy.

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