Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Suburbs Still All the Rage

The latest Joel Kotkin column is up at  Of course, I'm reading.

Kotkin continues to bedevil the urban planners with facts. 

A few excerpts:

Speaking of the patterns in the 2010 Census numbers and the lessons that urban cores are no longer job-creation cores:  ". . .the bigger story — all but ignored by the mainstream media — is the continued evolution of urban regions toward a more dispersed, multi-centered form."

He adds, "These patterns augur a bright future for an expansive American metropolis that, while not hostile to the urban center, recognizes that most businesses and families continue to prefer lower-density, decentralized settings."

What his column points out is no real surprise to those of  us in the 'burbs.

Yep. Suburbs are still all the rage.

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