Sunday, March 27, 2011

Social Media Pays Off. . .For Me

Everyone always wonders.  Will social media pay off?

Wonder no more.

Thursday night, my daughter and I applied for a chance to get invited to sit in the new "Social Suite" at Progressive Field for a Cleveland Indians game.  (Application here.)

The real plot of our application was a father-daughter duo who uses Twitter.  My daughter's is @Tasha_Platt and mine is @RickPlatt.  How common can that be among Tribe fans,  right?

Plus, the Indians say they are looking to appeal across generations.

I'm not really sure what won out, but Tasha got the direct message from @TribeTalk the next morning.  We're in for a Bosox game in two weeks!  Go Tribe!

Social media pays off.  I'm proof of it.

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