Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Picture Speaks. . .

. . .a thousand words.  True.

Even an otherwise boring photo like the one above has something to say.  Here's a few of those words:

  • Customers.  This sign is great because it shows our largest customers here at the Aerospace Center.  Impressive list, really.
  • Marquee.  The marquee running at the time the photo was taken speaks to the 79|Seventy Advanced Materials Corridor.
  • Boeing.  You can see the Boeing logo prominently in the large building in the background.  That is the 750,000 s.f. building that Boeing leases from the Port Authority.
  • Construction.  The red brick building is the new Horton Building under construction.
  • Buds.  You can't really see them but the buds are just appearing on the pear trees.  When these flower, it's spectacular.
  • Mulch.  The landscaping on our campus started getting mulch this week.
  • Old.  The water tower won't be in this photo next year.  It's slated to be disassembled and removed later this year.

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