Sunday, January 30, 2011

Two Pieces of Candy

I'm sure some parent advocate or child psychologist would say I'm wrong to do this, but I bribe my kids to behave in church.

If they behave all Mass, they get to pick up a piece of candy afterwards.  Conversely, if they misbehave, they get to watch their siblings get candy while they don't.

It works.

My kids, often, get complimented for their behavior during Mass.  It's not that they are perfect (they aren't), but people are surprised to see three young kids not behaving badly.

Of the three, Brooks has missed more than a few shots at candy during his mass-going days, but when he misses getting it, he feels the pain.

Today, though, he got two.

That's a rare thing.  I almost never reward with two pieces.  And Brooks rarely behaves well enough to even merit the thought.

Today, he did.

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