Monday, January 3, 2011

Horton Building Update

I took an impromptu hard-hat tour of the Horton Building construction site today with Port Authority SVP Bruce Boylan.

A crane has been loading roofing materials.  There's hope of some unseasonably warm temperatures allowing roof work to get underway.  That may be overly hopeful though, but at least the materials are there.

The outside is taking shape with the last of the partitions and sheathing going up.  Hidden from view is the very significant and impressive-looking stonework going up under the plastic cover on the exterior of the first floor.

Inside is where the real action is.  Walls are going up, ductwork is going in, and electrical lines are being extended.  Sprinkler work is expected too.

The building interior could see some light and heat soon.  Then, when the roof is on, it can really start taking shape.

Stay tuned.

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