Saturday, November 6, 2010

Priorities for a Lame Duck Congress

Here's my personal short list of things that should have a reasonable chance of passage that the lame-duck session of Congress can address.  There's just two, for now.

Extend the Tax Cuts.  Now is not the time to raise taxes on anyone.  Anyone.  I'm for reducing the deficit but raising taxes would be counterproductive to that happening.

Delete Obamacare 1099 Provision.  It's time to delete the slipped in provision that required businesses to send 1099's to every vendor, corporation or not, for which it does business in 2011 and beyond.  This will be a huge new paperwork burden on small businesses, kill millions of trees, and make the IRS an even bigger federal bureaucracy.  If it's not repealed before January 1, then the paperwork work has to begin.

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