Thursday, November 11, 2010

Plan B for 3C Rail Plan

Now we learn that the Obama Administration wants the money back if the $400 million rail plan dubbed the 3C doesn't proceed.

In January, I wrote about a Plan B for the 3C titled What is 3C Rail Plan B? I Got It.  It's still true today.

Here's the updated short version:

It's a little known fact that Ohio actually owns the rail line from Columbus east to the Ohio River. The state-owned Panhandle Line is familiar to Licking County as it serves Central Ohio's largest manufacturing corridor which is right here in Newark-Heath-Hebron.

It wouldn't be as catchy as the 3C name for the line, but it would be 2CNP--Columbus-Newark-Coshocton-Pittsburgh. The line would restore passenger service to Columbus which currently has none, among other things.

I also suspect this line could be made passenger-rail ready for less than $400 million.

So, if Ohio gets less than what it asked for to do the 3C, maybe the 2CNP could be Plan B.

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