Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Book Review: You Doesn't Have to Call Us Rust Belt

My hometown, and many of the towns that I think fondly of, are often cited for fitting the "rust belt" image that has been cast on steel towns and embedded in the minds of many for the industrial Midwest.  The photo linked to above is from South Third Street in Massillon, Ohio and was mentioned in a recent news article that prompted me to find a book on "rust belt" images.

The book by Christopher DellaMea is titled Exploring the Rust Belt.  It's a pictorial view of "rust belt" towns.  The book contains more than a few familiar landmarks to me in Massillon, Youngstown, and Steubenville areas.

An online preview, though, gave me enough to know I won't be buying the book.  For one, the preview shows all the photos.  So, being practical, I don't have to buy the book to see the photos.  My computer shows them to me well enough. 

Secondly, I don't like the author labeling everything in his book "rust belt."  Ohio is way beyond that with advanced manufacturing ruling the day.

"Exploring the Industrial Midwest" or "Photos of Old, Industrial Plants and Cities" would have been a more accurate title for this coffee table book about old, industrial plants and towns.

I believe, as a child of these towns in the Midwest, it is my job to point out when authors portray Ohio and the Midwest in the wrong light.  This is one such time.

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