Thursday, October 14, 2010

Topping Off a Topping Out

The top i-beam has been set.  A Topping Out Ceremony took place Tuesday evening as part of the continuing construction of the Horton Building at the Aerospace Center.

The Port Authority team succeeded in making an otherwise memorable event even more memorable with a Segway experience for our Board members to boot.

Mix these ingredients.

Segways. Check.

Christmas tree. Check.

U.S. flag. Check.

I-beam signed by our contractors, our future tenant's personnel, and our Board. Oh yeah, the namesake for the building, Wally Horton, signed it too. Check. Check. Check.

These are the makings of a great Topping Out Ceremony.

Wally Horton signs the i-beam before its hoisted on the building that will bear his name.
Take action:  See more.  See a 58 second video clip of the hoisting of the beam and photos from the "Topping Out" ceremony.  See them all at

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