Friday, October 8, 2010

A Local Tap to the National Pulse

It's uncanny.  The Manufacturer's Council of the Licking County Chamber of Commerce seems to be a barometer for the national economy.  Tap the mood of the Council and its as if one has tapped the national pulse.

The Manufacturer's Council is a group made up of plant managers from a dozen or more local manufacturers in Licking County.  They meet monthly at fellow members' plants.

In May, the news was upbeat.  That month, the economy seemed to be on the up tick too.

June, though, saw tenativeness and uncertainty as the collective mood.  As if in sync, the national mood was the same then and for several months as talk of "double dip" and "W" recovery was on the lips of many nationally.

This week's meeting was a great sign.  This October meeting saw 10 out of 13 companies convey upbeat, positive news about the growth of business from their plants. The remaining three said their operations were stable or slowed. Notably, one of those three said slowed but that was only after doubling their workforce in the past year!
The early October meeting seems to reflect the idea that the economy is recovering.  The stock market has been up.

I'll let everyone know what they say next month. 

Can you feel that local tap to the national pulse?

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