Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Future in Unmanned Vehicles

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV's) are increasingly looking like a future new industry for Ohio.  There's airspace to test them.  The Air Force already has programs in Ohio that deploy them.  A closed air guard base in Springfield is getting new life with UAV's.  Some see the NASA Glenn capabilities for the space program as additional, equivalent assets.

The posturing has some regions of Ohio acting like they have an edge over another.  They don't.

The truth is all of Ohio could make the case for manufacturing of these highly-engineered unmanned devices.  Proximity to testing grounds and open air space are not exclusive to one place.

And there's so much more to attracting manufacturing of these devices and their components.

For example, Licking County already makes unmanned vehicles.  It's true.
The crushing machine above is made by Screen Machine Industries in Etna Township.  SMI machines are massive crushing and screening machines that are built without crew cabs.  They are unmanned, wirelessly-controlled heavy machines.  They are engineered and manufactured in Licking County.

Related manufacturing and service capabilities found in the aerospace industry and automotive industry are found all over the state.  Ohio has a strong story.

So, truth be told, the history for Ohio in unmanned vehicles is broad and wide.  Time for all of Ohio to go after this industry with gusto.  ALL of Ohio.

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